Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transplant Trotters

It's August again so that means I'm prepping for my 5th Hood to Coast Relay! This year I get to be part of the Transplant Trotter team again and I'm very excited. The entire team is made up of organ donors, recipients, family and friends. I'm still working on getting Anna to join the team. Maybe next year!

I was very honored yesterday when I was asked to do an interview with THE FOUNDER of Hood to Coast, Bob Foote. Bob is a two-time kidney recipient and is an amazing example of how you can lead a healthy active life post transplant. Here is the interview we did together on KOIN television. It was in front of a live audience so that was a little nerve racking, but still a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Here is the link for the video and story

This year our Transplant Trotter team consists of 4 Living Donors, 7 Kidney recipients, 3 Liver recipients, 3 family members of recipients & 3 friends of recipients ages 14-70. Should be an interesting journey once again this time around!!!

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Imelda Pullen said...

I am a kidney donor of nearly 32 years after giving a kidney to my brother in May 1980 he is still alive and his kidney is going strong it was his 2nd transplant after having one from our mother in 1971 that failed in 1979 . I have since become very unlucky in now suffering ongoing kidney faliure myself but still until now have never regreted giving the gift of life to my brother. These operations took place in Southmead Hospital Bristol England .